Small paintings and T-shirts

Summer is here. We’ll see how much that means I’m indoors painting vs outdoors doing summer things. For now, I wanted to crank out some small 7”x5” paintings on wood panels.

Maxx Steele of Robo Force (sold)

First up was Max Steele if Robo Force. Brought to us in 1984 these robots with arms that grabbed and suction cup bases probably would have been much more popular if Transformers had exploded onto the scene.

Something that I didn’t appreciate when I was a kid was how perfectly they represent the 80’s technology aesthetic that we actually had. He looks like he’s compatible with a Commodore 64.

Time Lapse Video from painting Maxx Steele

Next up is a small painting of a jar of eyeballs in some red liquid. Is it blood? Mwahahaha! The eyes are actually ping pong balls that I painted to look like eyeballs. They are front and center in my painting Tonics, Potions, & Elixirs, but without the liquid and there is a lid on the jar.

Click to purchase
Jar of Eyes

There’s something fun about painting glass, liquid, and eyes on their own. So having them together made for a fun painting.

Tonics, Potions, & Elixers

Sparking Creature T-Shirts

Available Now!

Ripped from my painting Wind-Up Monsters, Sparking Creature has grown to massive

A terrifying t-shirt to torture your town!

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